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Mossy Oak started with a fist full of dirt, limbs, and leaves … and created a revolution in the outdoor industry, resulting in one of the world’s most recognized and trusted outdoor brands.

Mossy Oak Properties Land For SaleFrom our humble beginning on our family farm to the astounding growth and economic impact of the Mossy Oak brand, the foundation of what we started and stand for has not changed; in fact it has only strengthened. Our lives start with our faith and our family and then move right into land. Yes, land comes first in the outdoor world because without land we have nothing. Without land there is no wildlife, no guns, no boats, no bows, no hunting or no fishing — nothing. Land is the most important part of our economy, our country, our world and our lives. It is the bedrock of society and, indeed, of Mossy Oak.

You see, Mossy Oak is so much more than a camo pattern; it’s a way of life — outdoors. Mossy Oak is truly the ultimate manifestation of a very special team who live to connect with nature and help others to connect with nature. The Mossy Oak Brand Camo patterns are the symbol of every outdoor enterprise under the Mossy Oak name, because they are truly nature replicated. And while the hunting business has led us to incredible opportunities, we readily admit, land is the #1 opportunity.

We are completely committed as a team to be the best rural and recreational real estate brand in existence. Regardless of our involvement with land — owner, buyer, seller, or otherwise — we make the same “obsessive” commitment we have made and kept to outdoorsmen worldwide: to be the best in whatever we do. Land is just what we know best and love most!

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